Taekwondo is an ancient Korean martial art. “Taekwondo” means "The way of the foot and fist". Victory Taekwondo classes combine traditional art (patterns) with modern sport (sparring). Taekwondo is great for men, women and children of any age or fitness level. You'll learn how to kick, get fit, increase flexibility, strength, balance, increase confidence, compete or just have fun. Victory Taekwondo teaches the WTF style. This is the same style of Taekwondo seen at the Olympic games. Training Fees:     1 Month      $60.00 (2 classes/week)        Punch Card   $80.00 (10 classes)   Call today and find out more about our 2 FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASSES! Angel Kozlowski - 3rd Degree Black Belt Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2016 - Hadmadang  -  Gold 2015 - NB Open  -  Gold 2010 - Atlantic Canada Taekwondo Games - Gold 2006 - Canadian National Championships Halifax - Competitor 2006 - Provincials - Gold 2005 - Canadian National Championships Vancouver - Competitor 2005 - Provincials - Gold 2004 - PEI Taekwondo Challenge - Double Gold 1996 - Canadian National Championships Montreal - Competitor 1996 - Provincials - Gold     Training Schedule/Class Times: Victory Taekwondo Instructors: New Location: Contact  info:  Email:                                                   Phone: Our facebook page has news, info, etc. 670-7897 tkdvictory@hotmail.com  Sherry Kozlowski - 4th Degree Black Belt 2011 Canadian National Championships, Winnipeg - Silver 2010-2011 Nova Scotia TKD Association female athlete of the year 2006 TKD Canada National Team Program athlete 2005 Olympic Carding National Championships - Bronze 2005 Canadian National Championships - Silver 2002 Canadian National Championships - Bronze 1998 Canadian National Championships - Bronze 1998 Olympic Carding National Championships - Silver Certified Personal Trainer Specialist.   CPR Certified   County Fair Mall New Minas 670-7897 These are but a few of the competitions both instructors have attended throughout their tkd career. Both instructors are experienced in teaching, coaching, fund raising, and nutrition coaching for competition. Both instructors are always expanding their knowledge of not only the physical aspect of taekwondo training but mental training as well. This is to prepare their students in every way to enter the ring. Both are currently working on completing the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Starting Tuesday September 5th : Tuesdays: 6pm to 6:45pm - Ages 4 to 7 6:45pm to 7:45pm - Ages 8 to 12 Thursdays: 6pm to 7pm - Ages 8 to 12 7pm to 8pm - Adults (13 and up) Sundays: 6pm to 6:45pm - Ages 4 to 7 6:45pm to 7:45pm - Adults (13 and up) Advanced class every other Monday (Starting September 11th) 7pm to 8pm - Red Belt and above Sparring Only class every other Friday (Starting September 15th) 6pm to 7pm - Yellow Belt to Red Stripe 7pm to 8pm - Red Belt and Above We welcome all MTU members to come and spar with us on Fridays!